5 Essential E-Commerce Rich Snippets for Your website

July 8, 2020 in Articles

5 Essential E-Commerce Rich Snippets for Your website

Rich snippets are a type of data structure that gives website owners extra details about their content to help search engines better understand, interpret, and present relevant data for content optimization. So why are rich snippets important for eCommerce? Well, even though Google confirmed structured data do not have a direct impact on website ranking, they can help search engines better understand the content they crawl. This process helps highlight specific search results for a product that improves CTR.

For Ex: Take a look at below image and which listing will catch to your eye immediately? You are probably going to click on the result from justblinds,com.

Top 5 Ecommerce Rich Snippets

1). Books

Book actions are exceptional entry points on Google Search for finding novels, authors, and other types of literature. These actions make it simple for users to find the book they want and make a purchase through the Search feature. And if your company provides e-books, you are providing a valuable stream of data to Google. For a book to be fully optimized, it must have author, name, URL to the site of the book, and the edition. Other recommended properties include a unique ID in URL format, a reference page, EntryPoints, which are deeps links in the text, and ReadAction, which determines the platform and the action conditions.

2). FAQ

A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a catalog of questions and answers about a specific topic. Precisely labeled FAQ sites may have rich results on search as well as an action on Google Assistant. FAQs help your website reach the correct audience. For FAQ rich results, it must contain multiple questions and answers, not just one example. Likewise, questions can only be answered by experienced staff members. A FAQ page cannot be for advertising purposes. Likewise, all FAQ content should be available on one source page.

3). Product

Search Engines can provide detailed product information that is rich in Search results with markups. Users can see prices, review ratings, and availability directly within Search results. Using Product Schema Markups helps you attract potential customers who are looking to buy products on Google search or Images that include products you sell. To produce product rich results, you should only markup specific products instead of a list of products or categories. And if there is a review for a product, it must be a valid name. It is important to note that adult items are not supported.

There are two types of pages where you would typically use this markup:

  • Product page that describes a single product
  • Shopping aggregator page that lists a single product, along with information about different sellers offering that product

4.) Review Snippet

A review snippet is a brief excerpt from a rating or review from a review website. It is generally the average rating score from all the reviewers. When Google finds legitimate ratings or reviews, it may display a rich snippet that indicates the stars and other useful information from reviews. Google generally evaluates reviews on a numeric scale. To achieve content-rich results, aggregate evaluation is necessary. Reviews should be readily available on markup pages and should be on specific products, not categories or lists of items.

5).  Breadcrumb

A breadcrumb trail indicates a page’s spot in the site’s hierarchy. It helps users explore and understand a site effectively. One breadcrumb can lead a user up through the site’s hierarchy through a breadcrumb trail. To specify a breadcrumb, you must specify a BreadcrumbList that holds at least two list items. A Breadcrumblist holds all the elements on the list, and a list item contains individual item details on the list.

Follow These Guidelines For Success

To avoid any penalties, follow Google’s Structured Data Guidelines. Structured data enable eCommerce websites to stand out in search results. Visuals, pricing, ratings, and availability is among one of the best ways to build trust with potential customers and grab attention from other websites.

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